• The only presumptive Hemp/Cannabis Field Test Kit
  • Small, portable field test
  • Quick and simple to use, easy to store (out of direct sunlight)
  • Results in under 2 minutes
  • Disposable in normal trash receptacles
  • 1 year shelf life


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This Hemp/Cannabis Field Test Kit can presumptively distinguish between legal Hemp/CBD and illegal cannabis/THC. The Test Kit was developed, designed, and validated by the Forensic Science Institute of Zurich (an affiliate of the Zurich Police). Police forces in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg utilize this revolutionary test. The test kit requires a very small amount of suspect material/substance.

A Pink/Red presumptive result, the sample is legal (industrial hemp).

A Blue presumptive result, the sample is illegal cannabis (drug hemp).

NOTE: All test results are presumptive and should be confirmed by a laboratory for a quantitative analysis to determine the precise THC concentration of the substance.