In reponse to the COVID-19 outbreak

We are adding some new products
to keep you safe.

The first and only American made N95 compatible reusable face mask

Pack with 5 or 10


• Ties or Elastic Straps

• 4 way stretch fabric

• High-performance fibers that support the body’s natural cooling process by away moisture evenly throughout the construction of the fabric

• Peach skin finish for a soft hand feel throughout the inner shell.

"Providing tools for your safety"

We are stronger together

The First Hemp/Marijuana Field Test Kit in America

Distinguish between legal Hemp and Illegal Cannabis in under 2 minutes

Works with liquid, plant, flower, edibles

Over 100,000 kits already deployed


1. Insert Product

Insert a very little amount of suspect substance into the kit. (liquid, plant, flower or edibles).

2. Close, Squeeze and Shake

Close bag and reseal with plastic clip. Squeeze bag to break the ampules. Shake gently to mix solutions.

3. Wait 2 minutes

Observe color change. Pink-Red= Presumtive positive for legal Hemp. Blue= Presumtive positive for Ilegal Marijuana/THC.

Stop guessing and start testing


An affiliate of Syndicate Alliance. We are a team of dedicated veterans and law enforcement professionals, whose mission is to provide acquisition solutions to City, State, and Federal Government agencies.


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